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Name:Madara /Nyanko-sensei
Birthdate:Jan 31

Character Info:

[Character name:] Madara /Nyanko-sensei
[Series:] Natsume Yuujin Chou
[Age:] Appears to be in his late 20s, early 30s. (Though has been living for generations.)
[Sexuality/Orientation:] Asexual since spirits do not need to have sex or reproduce. Madara himself has never felt that way towards anyone in his life.
[Species:] High-level spirit (Youkai/Ayakashi)
[Physical description:] For Amat, since he is a big white beast, he will have long white wavy hair with his red tattoo down the center of his forehead with pale skin. He will be taller than the average man to depict his size (~5’11” – 6’). He will also have a pair of white ears and a bushy tail. Clothing-wise, would be anything that they give him to wear since he’s never had to think of what to wear before.
[Canon Background:]
Majority of the time Madara has a very dry-cut personality. He sees things as they are and feels that anything that is not worthy of his time to be considered a bother. He often tries to carry a conversation in a way that will ultimately benefit him, such as when he would flatly disagree to going somewhere and then immediately agree after he hears that food is involved. He is quite knowledgeable of different spirits, herbs, places, and techniques, enough to inform and educate Natsume on a few (eg. Sealing away spirits). He can be quite the narcissist and holds himself very prideful as a superior being (High level spirit). Though sometimes he uses this tough act as a disguise to hide his softer side and/or his weaknesses. He behaves like an ordinary cat when he says he doesn’t and like any cat, he loves his walk around the neighborhood to patrol, chasing butterflies and bugs, and taking his naps. He is a huge lush for sake and would practically do anything for food. He can be quite demanding and be easily provoked, usually by being teased and gets into name-calling fights with the other spirits and Natori. Despite his numerous complaints, excuses he makes, and cat fights he gets into with Natsume for getting himself into trouble with the other spirits, he always comes to his aid and genuinely cares for his well being. He is very protective of his territory, often times lashing out at any lower level spirits toying with Natsume, who he considers as his property. Natsume is the only one who could truly calm him down if he’s in a rage. Throughout the series, Natsume’s caring/soft side starts to rub off on Madara more as he saves a little girl lost in a ditch when he accidentally stumbles across her.

He claims he doesn't understand why Natsume even bothers to help out other spirits but has a feeling of why he does it and could understand what kind of hardship he's been going through especially from being around Reiko, Natsume's grandmother, in the past who suffered the same solitude life.

Initially, Madara's motivation was only acquiring the yuujinchou, claiming that having its powers would be fun considering what kind of powers it holds. The yuujinchou consists of names of spirits that Natsume Reiko had collected over the years and is said that anyone who possess the book has the power to command any spirit, whose name is in the book. It's unclear of what kind of relationship Madara had with Reiko but canon hints that he knew her rather well, saying things like "wasn't she a cruel person?" jokingly to Natsume, who little by little sees what kind of person she was through the memories of the spirits they come across. The author hasn't explained why Madara knows of how to release the name from the book (something he taught Natsume Takashi in the first volume) or how to command the other spirits using the book but this also hints that possibly Reiko may have told him this as well. I believe they had a deeper relationship hence, when Takashi asked for his help and gave the promise to give Madara the book when he dies, he willingly accepted it.

Knowing that Takashi is Reiko's grandson, I believe that he has a natural fondness to him (maybe even feels a little obliged to take care of him? Not clear in the series yet) and overall, most spirits have agreed that Takashi is just an interesting human. Despite looking like Reiko, his personality is the complete opposite of hers that the spirits who have come to know Reiko find it interesting to see such contrast though both holding such fondness and care towards spirits.

Throughout Midorikawa-sensei's canon, it seems that many of the spirits are simply lonely and/or bored, living close to immortal lives for generations. Having a companion like Natsume Takashi not only gives Madara something to do but also, secretly and deeply he feels cared for knowing there is someone out there that accepts him. As a high-level spirit, often times the other spirits, mainly the lower-level spirits, are quite frightened by him due to his grand presence and nature, almost like a predator to a prey. His bossy attitude and drinking/eating habits sometimes makes the middle-level spirits obey to his whims where as the higher-level spirits could careless about him, though there are a few that respects him and adore his looks such as Benio (butterfly spirit). Natsume is the only one who would put up with him and face him at his level. Natsume isn't afraid to talk back to him and put him in his place when necessary. I believe this is why Madara feels he could play around and truly enjoys the attention Natsume gives him. On the other hand, when the situation becomes serious, he could quickly change attitudes and try to be Natsume's conscious and guide him. On top of possibly having this obligation to watch over Natsume, it could also be assumed that he rather be considered a 'teacher/master' than be considered a 'subordinate' or 'pet' to a human (mainly any title that would place him below a human).

Game Play:
[Taken from:] End of Vol 8
[Collar worn:]A red strap with a small golden bell at its center
[Fourth walling:] Only during designated events by the mods.
[Status:] Alive and single
[Living arrangements:] Hostel with Rin

Player Info:
[Name:] KGaara / Yuki
[Personal Journal:][info]kawaii_gaara
[Contact info:]
-AIM: Pluuuuuuue
-Plurk: Kawaii_gaara
[Time Zone:] USA: PST
[Note:] Please let me know of what rating you prefer. I have a tendency to lean towards the more explicit and so if anyone is uncomfortable with it, I can adjust accordingly. Thank you.

[Disclaimer:] Madara/Nyanko-sensei and Natsume Yuujin Chou © Midorikawa Yuki

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